DNC Scrub

Ensuring that all of your contact information and data is fully compliant can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a lawsuit. We bridge the gap between state and federal regulations and the enterprises that we serve. Import all of your data and scrub all your call lists against our DNC list to ensure complete control over your campaigns.Leverage all consumer information available on the market and ensure that you are following guidelines and TCPA requirements. We support our customers with their campaigns and help facilitate comprehensive compliance.

Use Xeebi and centralize your messaging campaigns
and DNC scrubbing with one tool

Protect your business and partners

Protect your customers and partners from litigators and plaintiffs. Take advantage of robust offering and comprehensive compliance protection that your campaigns need

Enterprise campaign coverage

Seamless integration with our SaaS products allows you to send messaging campaigns while maintaining a contact list that is up to date and protected

One source

Extract Federal, State Do not call list in one go

Real-Time and Up to Date

Ensure that each campaign adheres to TCPA & DNC regulations

Multiple Options

Scrub individual numbers for free or upload lists for larger batches of phone numbers

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