HLR Lookup

Sending the right message is important, knowing where to send is vital. With the rise of ported numbers globally, enterprises and other organizations are having a harder time delivering their critical messages and information. If your database is not kept up to date, you will not be able to guarantee successful deliveries of your text messages and voice calls as you risk having a database full invalid or deactivated number. You will leave your customers unsatisfied and the risk of incurring high costs.

Our number query solution allows you to query your subscriber information in real-time by accessing the data and information you need to make an accurate routing decision.

We gather our data from a centralized database of all cellphone subscribers registered with a given network. Understanding the authenticity of each number should be the backbone of your service.

Our services can be accessed via our software portal for existing Xeebi customers or use the on-demand function directly on our site, by uploading your numbers via a CSV or Text file.

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