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Xeebi helps Enterprises manage their customer data and messaging campaigns with one tool. Create and share your campaigns globally and ensure that every engagement is initiated with the right audience at the right time. Use any device and sign up on our cloud based portal today!

Why Xeebi?

Our mission is to make complex customer engagement topics simple. We streamline all your customer data, conversations and campaigns with the help of one solution. We help to lower costs and ensure that customers can rely on your services.

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How Xeebi works?

Simply choose your pricing plan and start communicating with your customers. No installations or downloads required.

Create your campaigns conversations to engage your audience. Manage and track customer response rates and campaign performance in real-time.

  • Perform MNP Lookup and DNC queries to ensure delivery and compliance
  • Test your messages with all carriers in the United States to maximize your route performance
  • Connect your messaging vendors via SMPP and HTTP
  • Send messaging campaigns to smaller audiences or millions of customers
  • Track customer engagement with our URL tracker
  • Manage all your contacts with our intuitive phone book

Try Xeebi free every day, until you are convinced!

Product Components


Empower your campaign
with the ultimate SMS software designed for Elections and Fundraising! Drive impact through compelling text messages, effortlessly raise donations, and cultivate unwavering support for your cause!

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A campaign manager geared towards all users regardless of the company size. From enterprise marketing teams, affiliate marketers and local businesses. Create and send messaging two way campaigns to smaller audiences or millions of subscribers.

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Polling solution

In today's fast-paced world, voters and consumers are more responsive to text messages compared to automated or live calls.

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SMS Heartbeat

Not all routes offer the same quality. Test your routes in real time to ensure that each message reaches the handset.

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Mobile Number Portability

Knowing where to send your message is just as important as the message itself. Manage your contact lists and scrub your customer data to ensure delivery and compliance.

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