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Xeebi helps enterprises and telecom companies manage and distribute all of their messages and conversations.

What is Xeebi?
Our mission is to make complex messaging topics simple and streamline all functionalities with one cloud-based solution. We provide clarity and establish cross-team collaboration in an evolving global market. Create and share your vision with all stakeholders, and ensure that your customers and partners can rely on you.

Why Xeebi?
Maximize your companies potential by centralizing all your messaging efforts with one solution. Lower your costs and ensure that your customers can rely on your service and that all internal stakeholders have the tools they need to improve day to day and help optimize their efficiency.

SMS Heartbeat

Every company in the messaging space struggles with the same topics. 

  • Ensuring that their messages reach the intended destination without modifications
  • Find aggregators that they can trust so that their revenue is not impacted
  • Improve and maintain conversion rates
  • Reduce cost
  • Focus on growing revenue not spend time on support topics
  • Find one reliable testing solution

We have created a software that tackles those topics.

Xeebi Master

We elevate your creativity through the ease of our UI experience. Route your A2P traffic from different sources to mobile network operators worldwide. Custom build your messaging product and monetize every message along the way.

  • SMPP and API integration
  • Cloud-based
  • Flexible routing options (by country, network, service type, content, price, priority and more)
  • Revenue and margin tracker
  • Content modification options
  • Real time financial reporting


Connect with your customers and enable two-way communication. Allow users the possibility to create campaigns and conversations on the go. Simplify feedback loops while managing response rates and performance.

  • Personalize messages to fit campaign
  • Add call to action
  • Prioritize messages and ensure targeting
  • 2-way messaging for increased engagement
  • Short or long code options
  • Same day deployment